Interesting insight by Matt Wagner on VR in DCS

Check out the first 5 minute as Matt talks about VR and the new implementations coming for DCS.


I’d seen that, does look (sound) good. I just wish they’d get the patch out soon and lets take advantage of it! They could really do with merging 2.0 and 1.5 together now.

How are you getting on with the Rift and DCS, still enjoying it or is the effect wearing off? I’ve cancelled my order as my gpu wasn’t up to it, but looking at the new 1080 with a hope to get a VR headset later once I’ve saved up again. Still waiting on ati’s new 480 to see if it drives Nvidia’s prices down a bit.

Cancelled it?!? People are buying them for over £800, should’ve continued and sold it! I’m still really liking it. I’ve not been on it for a few days though, been far too busy. May get on for Sunday night though.

It’s not wearing off, it’s like getting Track IR. Once you’ve got used to it there’s no going back. There are definitely things that could be improved with the link between it and the game, but they’re working on that. As for the graphics card a GTX970 runs it all really well, no need to go higher and now the 1080 is out the prices should come down. I’m having absolutely no issues running it and I’ve not dropped the settings in DCS.

I have no idea how it will work with Cliffs though. I think it’ll put me at a disadvantage against people with Track IR in such a potentially fast paced, close in, environment. We’ll see though. Looking forward to trying that out.

That’s good hear it’s not a novelty thing but actually a useful and enhancing thing. Got the Huey module while half price as I bet flying helicopters will be one of the best rift experiences.

If I bought it I wouldn’t want to sell it but get a GPu to run it. Vive has sorted out their production, hope the rift will. Early days anyway and I haven’t got twins on the way :wink:

It’s the best one I’ve experienced so far, feeling wise. I’ve been enjoying flying it and have some missions for it but one of the DCS updates seems to have broken one of them.

It’s a really good starter helicopter. The Blackshark is too easy to fly, in comparison, and the Gazelle is meant to be a real handful. The Huey sits nicely in the middle! Plus, the miniguns sound so good! The door gunners are quite handy too.

I wanted to get the Gazelle but it’s early days and only had a fiver off it. The Huey comes with missions and I knew you had it so after watching that vid you posted the other day it got me thinking.

Anyway with the weather and stuff at home I’m likely not surface till SOW gets going.

Flying the Huey at night over Las Vegas with full settings, traffic and detail is really something…:smiley: