Installing DCS A10 and World the right way?

I’m about to upgrade my PC (bought the parts yesterday, will install this weekend), and installing DCS World and A10 will be some of things to do. On my current installation I installed DCS World first and later bought A10, and while both works, it seems like they are invisible to each other, and I have a nagging feeling that they should be somehow incorporated to each other.

Is there a proper sequence to install things for the best effect? Or should I simply install A10 and forget about World?

Anything else I should consider?

It’s all to do with your account that you bought A10 with.

If you fire up DCS world, there’s a manage games/accounts button. Go there and you can assign licenses.
Install method is All done through DCS world.

The only difficulty I had was with BS1 and the upgrade.

My mistake, its called module manager.

This may help:

Thanks Keets! Will have to look into it as soon as I have the rest installed. :smiley:

Let me know how you get on. I had two of my four DCs products on two separate accounts so had to juggle things.

It’s much better with DCS world now, as the patches are applied across the board. Once you’ve done this once, you don’t need to do it again.

Keets, do you run DCS World through Steam?

Keets, I have converted over to DCS Steam. We still can do multiplayer together right?

No idea mate. In theory it shouldn’t affect it as long as you have a client at the same s/w as the server. Having said that, theory and logic of what should happen with respect to IT, particularly late at night, never helped anyone and it’s usually a buggers muddle. :slight_smile:

Can I ask was there a reason you changed from a perfectly adequate solution in DCS World?? It’s not irreversible BTW.

The latest Upgrade to DCS will not run on my PC for some reason? I get a uncompatible with Windows 64bit error when starting it:mad: Its been in DCS Support for over 2 weeks and the only answer they give me is "Uninstall Bitdefender and Run than re install Bitdefender. I have done this 3 times with no change and they dont have a answer for me.:rolleyes:
I will say that the Steam version runs better for me, but the downside is that it still does not accept all the Mods.

Well DCS Support was not able to help so, I Uninstalled World and did a Re install now I am running both versions.:smiley:

Did you buy the Steam version Osprey?

My DCS World is of course the free downloadable version, and I need to get a new version of it anyway, but my A-10 is bought as a downloaded version, don’t know if it would be possible to move it to Steam.

The Steam Version is Free but it does not accept all the Mods. You will probably be better off to stick with the DCS version.