Installing Canon's full scale map

It seems to have installed ok, no nasties so far - but do we need to add the four mods he mentions in the readme or are they already in there please in- wait a minute-

aaggh I’ve patched clean 1.08m to 1.7 not the 1.1.1 patch

Mayday Mayday. Again sorry :slight_smile:

Will it work on 1.7 do you think? After all 1.7 is 1.1.1 isn’t it. Almost :slight_smile:


Make sure you have the following third-party mods installed (I believe Hangar 2 comes with U.I. 1.1)

LAL_Rone’s Hangar 2

LAL_Rone’s Fortification Mod

MadToc TOW Objects

KevinP Road Plates


1.7 unified has a differant file structure to UI1.1.1 so it might take some fiddling.

One thing I found in the UI install was that I was getting an error message
“Mesh 3do/humans/Paratroopers/Russia/mono.sim failed to load” when loading the map.
The way to fix this is to go into your conf.ini and change in the [Render OpenGL] line TexCompress=0 to TexCompress=2

Also, the TOW folder needs placing in a folder you have to create in the ‘STD’ folder and name it 3do (just drop the whole ‘TOw’ folder in the 3do in its un-rar form)

Just remember to follow the copy text instructions carefully after backing up

Thanks Chris

I’m going for a unique install, installing the map right now, better safe than sorry, ta for the tips mate!


A few points on this:

  1. It’s not a full scale map, more like 3/4 scale, Dover to Calais on the map is 30km/18miles whereas in reality it is 40km/25miles (very roughly). It still looks great across the channel though.:slight_smile:

  2. Like Kris says, changing the conf.ini setting for TexCompress seems to solve that problem - I believe changing this setting in the conf.ini is the same as selecting S3TC in the IL2Setup.exe

  3. Don’t confuse the UI1.1.1 with the UP1.7. They are very different beasts with different file structures and confusing the two WILL cause heart failure!

I have successfully installed the map in a UP1.7 install by carefully following the readme included. I did a manual install by running the install.exe and pointing it to a spare folder, I then installed by copy/pasting the relevant folders into a vanilla UP1.7 install. Here are a few more notes that may help:

a. The first 2 of the 4 additional mods required that are mentioned in the readme are already part of the UP1.7 ie LAL’s Hangar and Fortification Mods.

b. Be very careful installing the other 2 mods - in particular you made need to create folders within the UP1.7 ‘files’ folder to place these mods.

c. Carefully edit the static.ini file with the required entries from the 4 required mods and the Channel mod itself. (Note: as already mentioned LAL’s 2 mods are already incorporated but it doesn’t hurt to compare the static.ini entries supplied with the mods to your current static.ini just to make sure the relevant entries are there)

If I remember anything else I’ll add it above.

I’m just about to embark on installing Canons Map into a UI1.1.1 install. I’m going to be using this document (last post at the bottom of the page made by Sir Rod) from a post made in Canons Map thread on the AAA forums. This document can be used to aid an install into a UP1.7 game as well but again, BEWARE the file structure differences.

I’ll report back as and when I’m done.

It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but the result is well worth it.



Some notes I made as I progressed my install of Canons map into a AAAUI1.1.1 install. In no particular order:)

If you need any of the 4 mods mentioned in Canons readme make sure you use the links in the readme else you may end up with a different version than the one required!

The static.ini file for the UI1.1.1 is located in <game root>\MODS\STD\com\maddox\il2\objects

LAL Hangar Mod is already included in UI1.1.1
LAL Fortification Mod is already included in UI1.1.1
(Therefore no need to bother with these 2 mods or their static.ini entries.)

Important bit from the readme guide mentioned above:

MadToc TOW Objects 23MB A bit more tricky this one. Add a folder to (,game root>\MODS\STD\3do\Buildings If you don’t have the \3do folder in \STD Make one and the sub folder \Buildings inside it and paste the \ToW folder in there. Then add the included lines to the Static.ini as before. SAVE

Road mod – no issue just install as per the readme and edit the static.ini – remember to save the changes!

Install Canons mod as per instructions noting the locations of where to put folders etc and the relevant edit of the static.ini.

Point to NOTE there is a typo on the bottom line
Mesh 3do/airfield/bbitumenearth/Turn/mono.sim Remove the extra b first IMPORTANT

Thats it! I’ve just fired it up in FMB and the map was there as expected. Will try a couple of the missions already created for this map and report back with any issues.


Take a look at this post over at the AAA site. It’s a handy little tool to check your static.ini and highlight any problems you may have.



Thanks very much Whiskey!

Yes it was when I discovered I had no air.ini file in the main folder that I realised I’d been modding 1.7