(^"%^$% in Steam !

I see it hasn’t improved any :rolleyes:

Decided to dig out my coupon to dl my free HL episode 2 and it got to 44% around 11 this morning, and hasn’t moved since … despite me trying all sorts :frowning:

You would have thought they would expect a heavy load and would have upped the servers available or something … its not like they can’t afford it :flamethro

Fortunate that someone invented the internal combustion engine :stuck_out_tongue:

long gone are the days of steam :slight_smile:

I remember my nightmare with that crappy program with the IL2 addon, i vouched back then never again.

Not a server problem apparently … its a F up on their part, seems if you dont have Episode1 installed the download for Episode2 stops at 44% for lots of people … and do they have a phone number for me to ring n rant ?
No they don’t. I hated steam when it came out, and it looks like I still do :mad:

Never had a problem with it myself. Do you have Episode 1? :slight_smile:


see above … or bugger off you PT git if you are winding me up :roflmao:

Some kind person on OcUK forums has gifted me episode 1 … so now its downloading episode 2 :slight_smile: