In need of EAF Logo :)

~S~ All,
I’ve been putting together videos a bit more regularly now, but I only have the 79vRAF crest, does anyone have a good resolution EAF crest that I can use to put them together? I’m hoping Stuntman might have something…


Ask Mikke for access to the FTP.
I got mine there :smiley:

FTP access is hidden in Briefing room stickies a subforum of briefing room!

here you have a direct link!

be prepared that’s a huge load of old stuff there! Interesting and not!
worth giving a look!

PS if you find the logo link it here pls!

Will do, all of the folders are showing up as being empty though - I logged in as a guest, I don’t have a username or password to use.

Ok, that was just the MacBook not showing stuff. Can see files on the PC but none of them, so far, have been an EAF log :frowning:

PM me you e-mail and I Will sent Them to you :wink:

Upload it somewhere and link it here!
others could need it!