In-game navigation (VR)

With this programme you can import a desktop windows (aka a browser with IL2mission planner running) into a VR games.

I’ve been watching and reading about this to see if it pans out before mentioning it here, but it looks like it does. Its also movable in game. Cons are it costs $15 and there is some performance hit.

One of the testers said how useful it was and managed to get back to base after a low level furball using it.

Definitely better than the current system, but not worth $15.just a shame we can’t bring up the mini-map like you can on the monitor.

You can, but you have to it allowed on the server. With “normal” settings it displays the mini map with HUD which would be great it they would allow this on full real expert servers. They allow the compass, adding the mini map would be perfect.

What I don’t like is that when I bring the map up I get the Steam VR background come up first while it loads. It’s pretty pants.