I'm sorry

I’m really tired in this period. Lately i started to work more and more. (and still remembering my student days, well i must admit i’m not still used to…)
In recent times with il2 i wasn’t able to relax myself and instead got some more stress, so i think i will take ( i hope a short) break form flying.

Will be hunging around in the forums…

See you soon jimmi

Roger That Jimmi!
Take your time to get everything sorted.
RL is much more important.

I hope to have you back soon. :slight_smile:

Keep us up to date in the forums, Jimmi, mate!

Real life and work is important, but sometimes playing with your pals can be a relief, don’t forget that and jump into a game anytime.

Ah, sorry to hear you’re stepping back for a while Jimmi.

I hope to see you refreshed, both here and in HL


take holiday Jimmy

I know exactly what you mean Jimmi

Take it easy

I hope it’s not related to my training…:rolleyes:

Take your time for recharging, and come back…:banana:

recharge your power pack, brother…:wink:

Don’t apologize Jimmi. I know exactly that feeling :slight_smile:

Have a good break :wink:

Straighten up and fly right Jimmi :o Take care see you in the air real soon Friend :wink: