IL2 VR optimisation

Hi chaps

Using my Rift-S with IL2, so far Im having fps trouble and stutters. Any good guide out there to help me improve performance?


if you google Vr setting performance optimization and spotting on il2 forums you’ll find some threads.

Otherwise come online and we’ll share settings!

Beware if you happen to use Roman’s ones it’s not minecraft mod it’s really still il2…
apart from jokes Roman has the same vr as you and has it optimized for performance and spotting!

ps what videocard are you using? Cpu?

thanks Jimbo

Ill be online tonight

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-core
GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB

what do you use to check fps in VR?

in game hit “back space”. FPS will show up on right top corner.

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any improvements?

nope, actually I went backwards :frowning:

I can´t get my Warthog to send commands like water radiators…it works on keyboard, but not on the stick. @Starfire_EAF331 did you have the same problem?

Hi Nepe
I am currently working on my own re programming but never had any unsolvable problem.
Do you use TM target gui or script?

Thrustmaster guiu

“Idiotic interface or user error”

I have done a bit of trail and error.
The default key allocation allows keys being used across vehicles, like:
Radiator open key are used for two different types of radiator.
This is a good use of keybord and prevent users from running out of keys to press/allocate.
Unfortunately this practice wont work when I want to reallocate keys :frowning:
It seems to me that IL2 prevents a key from being used if it thinks it is allocated for another purpose.
This issue has nothing to do with programming the Warthog.
It is how the game controls the use of keys…

Or am I doing something really wrong? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

But there is a but :wink:

The fairly new ability to make profiles for different aircrafts (a feature which is badly explained), makes it possible to get around the key problem.
Unfortunately this also makes it a problem to make a generic joystick profile using keybord strokes.
Using a generic DX button setup with mutiple layers of DX buttons does help, but complex button programming might not be available for the Sim :roll_eyes:

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Hey Starfire! Thanks!

and sorry for late reply, I find difficult to find time for sims

So, in summary…am I still toasted? :smiley: