IL2 Stab 5 released

Il2Stab is released, now fully supports PF

Get it here IL2 Stab download site

I thoroughly endorse this app, especially since I’ve been beta testing it for the last month and a some of the new features are a direct input from me :slight_smile:

Cheers Brigs, haven’t used it before but downloading now to give it a try.

I see your name in the credits m8 :slight_smile:

Thanks Brigstock!


If you go to my site (click my sig) you’ll find a Stab page. Download the Wolf Mat fiiles loaded via Stab. Makes a big difference to the aircraft markings.

It was my idea to add the water, forest and 3d gunners check boxes. Saves a lot of time tweaking effects for you lucky sods with the new generation gfx cards.