Il2 Skins Returns
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Good news for the community, but past things are remembered with rose tinted glasses.

I hope that when (or if, as there have been false dawns before with this site) Flying Legends and Mission4Today are not forgotten.

Dean has over 4500 skins on Flying Legends and there are god knows how many over on M4T, not forgetting other sites like Combataces, Screenshotart etc, so will people re-upload to il2skins.

Remember that it has been so long now sinse this site went down many people in the community won’t even know about it.

All in all though, good news

IL2 skins lost a lot of kudos with the abrupt nature of its demise. Although the closure wasn’t his fault, sharx could have got the site up quickly had a decent level of backup been done. There were countless offers of free webspace and providers, all went unanswered.

There has been several false dawns since it went down, this could be another. The beta signup was on there for a while before it was the root page.

Is there a posting anywhere to say when it will be up and running?

Like you Kris, I hope M4T and Flying Legends don’t get forgotten as they’ve both filled the gap very well.

I have the same attitude as Chris and Keets. The β€œcoming soon” site holder was up for nearly a year with no activity. In respect of Flying Legends, I prefer the coding behind IL2 skins, when it was up and as much as Flying Legends has filled the gap it is not a user friendly site.
If IL2 does come back with the same quality coding then I’ll be very happy, but I’m not holding my breathe.

Well I hope it does come back because it was IMHO the best skins site around with all the information readily at hand, some of the other skins sites out there are so overloaded with junk it makes them annoying and then when you do find the skins sometimes the descriptions are sketchy to say the least

Dean has had F/L completely re-designed and is waiting for the final bits to be added.
The new site has a very good search function with simplified interface that is hoped will encourage more to upload (with over 5000 il2 skins at the mo I don’t think its doing to bad).
The site would have been up and running earlier this year except the person who was paid to re-design it upped sticks and ran with the money and WIP done to that point.

Kudos to him (it costs over Β£300pcm at the moment) for keeping it running, I know he has been close to jacking it in in the recent past.
When β€˜live’ he will more than likely get airborne again, he is a good pilot and a great bloke.