IL2 and Windows 7 vets ?

Any word on how IL2 performs with 7 yet ?

Shoved the RC on my low end laptop ( cele m 1.4/1gb/s3 graphics ) and am impressed at how well it performs for general tasks and after making a mess of a mythtv install on the HTPC tried it on that box as well, Stunning are the words that come to mind.

Its really not like me to sing the praises of anything from Microsoft, as i am sure Ming will agree ( probably seen at least one too many Linux quips, sorry m8 ) but 7 impresses me. Just hope IL2 performance matches its general/HTPC performance.


never mind, got ambushed by the real Windows 7 thread… grr xkcd

On W7 IL2 works absolutelly same as on Vista.

I ran the (dual-boot to Vista) Win7 beta for a while Sporran and everything worked absolutely fine including Il-2. All (graphics) benchmarks were exactly the same numbers as Vista

Looking forward to DirectX11 and all that auto-tesselation stuff and other graphics speed-ups, built for gamers they tell us. And do we believe them? Almost :slight_smile:


Compatibility list


Ta, registered, will be handy when the releasehere.

Still unsure as to installing the RC and using (even on a partition) as I will do a complete re-format before installing the final version

I’ve got rid of dual-boot Chris, did like you said and wiped the partitions for a clean Vista x64 install - was having some small problems after updating motherboard drivers and generally to cut down the bloat

Should be ok now until I wipe it again for Win7 famous last words yes :slight_smile:

Do the dual-boot thing if you want to try the RC would be my considered advice, belt and braces. Win7 doesn’t need anywhere near the size of the footprint of Vista apparently so you could jam it into a smallish partition maybe