il2 4.10?

what strange torpedo!

check mission 4 today

The “strange torpedo” is the Italian Motobomba FFF
You can see one at Vigna di Valle Air Force museum

I am not sure I would call it strange. I would say that it is a stroke off ginius. It is the step before torpedoes with build in homing.
The designers of this torpedo where clearly aware of the limitation of planes as a delivery system. I hate to say it, but the ordenary torpedoes delivery requirement takes away the planes biggest defences. SPEED and a AGILITY.

A more modern example are the US air-to-air missile: “Sparrow”! Even after release the plane had to keep flying toward target in order to paint it with its own radar.

I am looking forward to the 4.10. To me the greatest improvement are the radio beacons. That should ease navigation :smiley:

Zuti’s MDS will go into the patchs as well. I know that we allready got it but it sure is a testemony to the quality of his work.

“The structual G limits” feature will take some time to get used to. Some of those pilots that does hardturning in the first pass might get a bit of a shock :wink:

Does anybody know what “AI visabilty change” does?

Don’t answer. Here are the answer:

Nice the AI visual