IL-2 Tank Crew: Tigers | Multiplayer gameplay

seems interesting

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MMMm thank shooting between tree branches with nothing happening to the tree…

also it completely lacks ground crew!
Having played post scriptum i kknow that a thank lacking ground support is dead meat!

It’s good fun, and unlike DCS Combined Arms, works in VR. It’s still under development Jimmi, but it’s really coming along well.

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Do you have it?

What i’m trying to say is that POST SCRIPTUM tank gameplay is super satisfying! You really need to know what to do and interact with ground troops. Commanders can call air strikes, artillery barrages and so on!
if you’re in a tank you can’t stand still too much or you will be picked out by those…
While if you wander alone without infantry protection, enemy ground crew can destroy you with bazookas or other bombs.
You have to coordinate with all the battleground…

I’m making a comparison between 2 very different games, but my fear is that tank crew will be much more dry…

I do, and I ran around in a tank with Starfire. It was good fun, though at the time it was brand new and there weren’t many people playing it and it was on a standard IL2 map; so the graphics weren’t up to the spec of the Tank Crew map that I think is out now.

The idea is more about the coordination with other tanks and air support more than infantry, as that’s still all AI at this time.

I think it is a different focus than a dedicated ground war game.

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I think in the future we can have a sort of infantry near the tanks and ground troops

look here near min 3.:24


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It’s something I would like to have more of a play with, but we’ve been in DCS the whole time so it’s not been an option really. It’s also why I didn’t bother with the WW1 module for IL2. I’d really like to have a go at that in VR, but it’s not something that I will be doing on my own; I get bored too quickly and it is too expensive for that.

I may have time to look at Post Scriptum once I’ve moved though…I’ll watch the video later :slight_smile:

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