IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover BLITZ Now Available!

After two weeks its avaliable:banana::banana::banana::banana:

Updating now


Useful guide on how to install and issues.

Downloading right now!

Wow, quite a bit different then I expected in many ways. I didn’t manage to get “fps start show” to work (maybe I put it in wrong), but as far as I could tell, I had no framerate issues whatsoever even when flying low over London. Not highest settings for everything, but most things.
Controls will need some more trimming, some of them is reversed to what I’m used to, but that’s mostly on me (you do need to set up everything again though). So far I have only flown offline against AI or without opposition (sight-seeing London), but I think there will be a slight learning curve, nothing like going to DCS, but don’t expect it to be the same as it used to be in CoD.

Overall, I’m quite happy with it, only negative I’ve seen so far (except for some adjustment issues) is that the Spitfire still doesn’t want to loose speed when landing unless you go really funky with the prop-pitch.

Good work TF!

I can’t get it to launch. Tried all sorts, nothing is working. Not got the patience at the moment, too tired having been up since 3 and it’s a game I’ve lost interest in.

Saw this on Steam news just now…

Why the FUDGE have they made it a separate install for existing CloD owners??? Surely they must realise that if you’ve got the sim, you’ve probably got years of skins, missions,campaigns, sodding convergence settings that you might like to keep?

Apart from Beau, a 110 with giant cannon, what is actually the difference between this and latest TF patch? (was hoping for VR myself)

No VR until TF 5.0
There are improvements, there is new sound. The airfields no longer have the random holes that smash your plane to bits without warning. The clouds are, meant to be, improved. There’s a meant to be a lot of bug fixes. It’s meant to be the final free fix that should have been released ages ago. The Hurricane can also carry some bombs, though not looked into what kind yet, but I wouldn’t get too excited about it!

A review from Dietrich…

Sounds like they made a pigs ear of it.

do you have a link?
i would see more comments!

Personally speaking I’ve had no real issues with apart from online the lag can be horrendous. It if you look over at the ATAG forums there’s plenty of people with all sorts of problems, this is why it should have been an open Beta test not just a select few, even the ATAG server has been limited to 60, which is a shocker
Everyone has been asked to adjust the internet settings to 57k, which is another f…up,
Also the brakes on the Spit and Hurricane have changed. No toe brakes you have to set a brake button and steer with peddles and it doesn’t turn so quick now apart from this and a couple of other things it’s playable


Here you go Jimmi:

Downloaded and installed CoD BLITZ, and - voila - it works. Previous version of the Cliffs of Dover refused to connect. I am really rusty and my online flying equipment is hidden somewhere in box… but at least theoretically I can be back flying next year. I miss the EAF community. Right now most of my online time is consumed by EVE online.

Storm of War is testing at the moment…

Good to hear Arturo! Hope to see you in the air in a not too distant future.

Great news Arturo :slight_smile:

Sorry for the production of negative vibrations…,…but the Blitz version only launches with the message here: “your colour scheme has been changed…” and then: nothing. (sometimes I see the IL2-CLOD BLITZ logo.)
The game wouldnt launch.
I don’t know exactly what the problem is.
I was able to get the game launched a couple of times leaving away TIR.
Somehow there is a conflict produced.
I know I’m not the only 1.
Hope they look into that prob soon.

I recently installed Blitz which went OK and the game launches OK. For the novelty I flew around in a Beaufighter and tested a Spitfire, both offline, but haven’t really had a chance to check things out fully.

The flight characteristics of the Spit seem to have changed, the engine sound is more raucous and the guns perhaps more realistic. I find that the engine sound only moves from the idle sound to the roar once the throttle is quite forward, which I find disconcerting - there doesn’t seem to be any progressivity - but again I need to fly a bit more to check this again. Taxying is more delicate than before even when using my Spit control column and integrated brake lever. I find the aircraft rolls a lot (more than before) when taxying on grass (tested at Hawkinge), so I don’t know where they removed the bumps - I will check Westhampnett which is reputed very bumpy.

I found that distant clouds do tend to appear which is an improvement, but I have not yet checked if they have repaired the rivers turning into lakes at altitude.

My screen overlay settings have all gone back to default, so I need to read up on how to copy the old ones or to do the set up again.

Conclusion : I have not (yet) experienced any major problems but need to fly a lot more to check out the improvements.

My old version is still installed and working. On multiplayer I see at least two servers TWC Mission Server A (TF 4.312) and Skies-of-Valor.

Sorry to see that SOW is giving up CloD / Blitz at least for the moment.

Don’t believe that I have sufficient experience to represent EAF at the TS chat with developers.