Il-2 BoX - tech issues

Tried flying on TAW last night but had some major issues. I’ve been dipping in and out of Il-2 when new stuff has been added (eg P-47) for quick test flights, but never noticed that something has changed.

  1. In some update all my Warthog/key settings have gone. Last night try as I might I couldn’t map the keys (eg pitch/mix/supercharger) to the 3-way side switches on the throttle. I’m pretty sure they worked OK before like that - but now on the controls mapping page there is no delay to allow you to push forward, then push back on a switch to increase or decrease. Very frustrating! Is there a way of manually editing a key settings text file to bring these back?

  2. I now seem to be getting random 2-3 second freezes in game. Never happened before but related to VR? New PC with 2080 card means it should be buttery smooth and I’ve lowered settings down. Anyone else with Oculus - @Swoop_EAF19 or @Marsh_EAF19 able to share settings?

Wharthog user here!
i usually run a target profile and have it emulate some keyboard keys (they are the same in every sim) so for example i rise flaps with F and lower them with V (either by using the keyboard or the mapped keys on the wharthog)

But i have also some buttons without mapping and they seem to work fine…

Note BOX can read the activation, but also the release of the button. So for example try to move the switch and then map the key by moving again the switch to its original position!

  1. No Oculus, but i’m on VR with Odyssey and a slightly lesser card, a 2070. No problems at all, here! On steam VR ther’s a handy program called fpsVR wich is super handy to understand bottlenecks. It shows CPU and GPU framerates… try to check if sometghing similar exsists for Oculus
    ( fpsVR works fine with Rift (only in SteamVR games)
    ideally you want a low CPU framerate below 12ms to feed enough data to GPU to work!

Overall BOX is much less VR demanding than DCS
also less ram is required (16 is more than enough)

Hi Jimmi,

Thanks for that. May give that fpsVR thing a trial and see if that works.

My issue with the Warthog throttle is the three thumb switches on the side push forward/back and centre you can’t get Il2 BoX to pick up for an increase/decrease function as there is now somehow no delay in the key mapping menu.

Don’t promise but if i have time i’ll check it!

I’m sure we can solve it by programming the warthog with the target software! Bit then you’ll have to launche the software before running the sim!

Hey Flash, I’ve had to reset all my graphic settings as the installer kept failing and had to wipe the update folder to get it working. Really at the start again here mate!! Fighting in VR in BOX was a real highlight online and pretty smooth (1080Ti), so just need to find that sweet spot again (remember overclocking CPU and GPU).