IL 2 ace expansion pack

Somewhat late I discovered the macnificent IL2. So I could only get hold of the Forgotten Battles package.
The IL 2 Forgotten Battles “ace expansion pack” is sold out in The Netherlands. I can’t get it anywhere. Is there anyone who can help me with an original or copy of this add-on?



Hmm, wasn’t it in the bargain bin? I will look for it tomorrow.

Try looking in Dixons stores. Here in Belgium they have it :slight_smile:

Not at Dynabyte or Discovery, forgot Dixons.

Thanks for the trouble guy’s. I look everywhere too. The Dixons I went to didn’t have it either. Wouldn’t it be possible to send me a copy? Or the original CD. I will send it back of course and pay for expenses.

Try here, sold out at the moment but keep looking

£9.99 Sterling, that is 15.99 Euros

Quick delivery as well

Hope it helps


PS Just looked on ebay there is a couple of copies there, bidding time I think.
Depends how desperate you are to get it :slight_smile:


I’m reinstalling as well, and my AEP disc has gone AWOL along with half a dozen kitchen utensils in yet another move to a new apartment. Let the bidding war on eBay start. :smiley: