If someone were to want to fly...?


Hope everyone is well, i have a question for the community…

If i were to want to fly the Canon Channel map, what would i need to have? Versions, sound mods etc and also where would i get them. I know this is probably posted internally somewhere, but being retired as i am (at least until a “Standard” version is settled on by the community) i have no longer got access to internal forums.

I’d be grateful for any help as i’m keen to have a crack at the map.



Hi Richy,

Probably the best bet is to use the AAA Unified Installer 1.1.1 (basic version plus patch. I’ve used this and installed Canons Map without issue.

There is also the Ultrapack 1.7 mod which is another pack of consolidated mods much like the AAA UI, it’s a bit more comprehensive but doesn’t seem as popular as the AAA UI. I’ve also succesfully installed Canons map with this mod pack although I do have an issue in the FMB in certain conditions.

There’s a couple of threads in the IL2Sturmovik forum below on how to install.

As for a standard install for the community, I think you’ll have a long wait. We, the EAF, have decided on 4.08 as a standard but most people use mods in one form or another. The Ultrapack seems popular with us at the moment but, as already mentioned, is not very common online. Most servers these days allow mods with the AAAUI apparently being the favourite.

Multiple installs, whilst a bit space consuming, are a good idea. I’ve got a vanilla 4.8 install and installs of the UP1.7 and the AAAUI both with and without Canons map!

I imagine though that both the UP and AAAUI packs will both push out new versions soon which will inculde Cannons Map - and make life a little easier for all of us.