I wish for a Tin Opener

Just been watching battlefield on discovery channel and they had a short piece on the hurricane 11D. Two 40mm cannons would go down nicely:D . It can be used for bomber attacks and ground attacks hence the nickname Tin Opener. Will have to drop a few hint to the guys that make theses patches:p
Is there any othe aircraft people wish were in the game?

Spit XIV (yeah, I can dream, can’t I?).
Mmmm, later, improved, version of the Tempest.

Problem is, if we get the Spit XIV, then they get this…

Have to keep the game balanced, eh :wink:

Is the toilet centrifugally operated

And I’m not taking the rim gunner position depending on the answer


C’mon Ming, you know that toilets were never included in the flying school of ‘Castle Wolfenstein’!
Now there was a place… kind of hard to teach your pilots the ‘finger four’ when they had no fingers!!

Planes I’d like…

Mosquito with the 57mm cannon
B-25G w/ the 75mm cannon
B-24 flyable

Hopefully BoB will have the british medium and heavy bombers (Lancaster, Wellington).

Spit XIV

The sexiest and deadliest lady in the sky

Have a little dream and drool then… :slight_smile:

Beautiful inside…

Beautiful outside…