I survived.... and it was a great day

Well gents my first thread posted as a married man and it feels good :smiley:

We had a great day at the wedding, weather - perfect, all staff throughout the day - perfect, wedding car - perfect, reception venue and food - perfect, Bridesmaids, Best Man and Ushers - perfect, private air display performed by my boss over the reception venue in the Harvard :smiley: - perfect and really added the WOW!! factor, and of course my Bride, Katy - looked absolutely stunning and perfect! almost forgot to mention my boy Joshua who wearing the same outfit as myself really got the women going and before too long at the reception he had charmed a girl of similiar age plus a couple more at least 20years older - thats my boy :wink: All in all a thoroughly enjoyable day that I think everyone enjoyed.

Full story can follow but I dont think you’ll want to be bored with the details… but I am sure you want the video :slight_smile: I have both of my wedding dances heading for Utube, that will be the laugh at my expense but don’t think it stops there. We had the great pleasure of meeting (at long last I might add :)) Mr and Mrs Swoop on the big day, well chuffed you came along mate I’m just sorry we had such little time to talk we must meet up again. Anyways Matt you made a lasting impression on the day and more importantly on the video and shortly after I embarass myself for the EAF I have a little clip of you for you too share in the glory - cant go having all the fun myself can I :stuck_out_tongue: ps. check your pms over the next few days please.

Anyways I’ll get round to posting the videos soon, thanks all.

Congrats Classic :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing those videos :cool:

Send us the Links! :smiley:

Glad everthing went well have a long happy life together! :smiley:

You’ve done well, She makes a lovely breakfast.

Good Congratulation when dad?

Good Congratulation when dad?

Dad - 3:50am Sunday 29th October 2006

Husband - 12:30pm Saturday 19th July 2008

Congratulations Classic well done mate

Now who can we fix Phil up with

Stand down that man who said Nora Batty


You never see them together have you noticed

Congrats, congrats, congrats Classic :slight_smile:

I wish you two a long and happy life.


Hi Classic , congratulations!! :w00t:

Congrats Classic!:smiley:

Wish you and your new family a lifelong happy marriage!

Congrats Classic!:wink:

You said well “I survived”, this is just the target!:roflmao:

Grattis herr och fru Classic! :slight_smile:

(Belated) congrats to you both Classic

Congrats Classic!!!


Miss you all much btw, but just can’t around to flying.

Congrats :slight_smile: :holiday: