I just felt for being the first one in a forum...

So let this be a thread were the topic is not important… like mine;)
Anyone is welcome to hijack…

errr :confused: ok

Hi Jack, howyoudoin? :afro:

ownz0r :eek:

Hey Spider! U forgotten little dancing Spiderman in old forum, plz go take this… and all the remaining!!! :wink:

Ouch…the dancing SpiderMan is gone…I did not realise…I will try to find him, for sure :stuck_out_tongue: :banana:

Can’t have the dancing spiderman get this…
The file that you have tried to attach is too big. The maximum size is 20000 bytes.
…and my file is 100kB :frowning: :bootyshk:

Thank God he’s not moving, that package looks worrying :slight_smile:


Could not agree more :roflmao: