I finally gave in,....and bought the Mosssi

Although,economy is tight, I caved in when they offered the Mossi early access with the Channel Map.
I do wonder hos well it flies compared to the modded version of the one in the old IL-2 1946 series.
Only time will tell :wink:


hhahah grumpy Nick!

Welcome onboard!

I usually buy when modules are on sale. This is way to expesive a way to buy.

This the one worth it, welcome back Nick!!!

Have you tried it?

Nooooooooo no no no, it is not out yet! But I’m saying that considered how they develop airplanes in ED, if you like procedures and high fidelity models…and if you like the mossie, this is the one for you!

And it’s still on pre-release sale, so no as expensive as it will be after release (for a while). I have tried to cut down on my module purchases as I don’t have time enough to learn everything. As it is, the only plane I feel like I have pretty good level of knowledge on all the systems on is the Spitfire, and it really doesn’t have all that much! Note that I didn’t say that I have a good level in flying it! Just decent. :grimacing:

But, the Mossie will be a buy for me, and I will not be able to stay away from the AH-64 either, but anything else will be maybes and then only if on big sales…

Had to buy it myself as well, in case they release it tomorrow and the sale ends. :stuck_out_tongue:


And it seems to be released :wink: