I could NEVER do it again if I tried

I didn’t mind that the only EIF mission I managed to fly tonight was in pouring rain and foul vis… I had Stone as good company on the flight. I didn’t even mind getting pilot killed by the flak… that isn’t unusual.

What I did mind was that I made what I thought was a perfect attack on the H13 airfield, but scored no kills.

Annoyed with myself, I checked the track… and could hardly believe what had happened.

Now that drop looks perfect from above…

And from the side, right under the third bomber out of four on the apron…

Somehow I have managed to skip a bomb on grass. It actually passes under the bomber between the undercarriage struts…

Passes over the fourth bomber and explodes harmlessly out of range of the targets.

Some you win… and some you lose :rolleyes: At least as Classic says, the AI were on form tonight and put the airfield out of action


PeeGee, skip-bomber extraordinaire


Oww, PeeGee, that’s just unlucky.

At least we now know skip bombing is possible on land as at sea

Unlucky PG, quite remarkable croquet skills you demonstrated there though :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t it just normal with big delay? this is the way i trying to get planes in big hangars…

But maybe i understand something wrong :rolleyes:

As you say, it’s a good way to get a bomb into an aircraft hangar. But it’s not the delay (the bomb fuse starts when the bomb stops moving) but the surface that is hit. I’ll put a post over in ACM & Tactics that explains it.

LOL!!.. Bad luck mate, good pictures though.
You have just reminded me that its always a good habit to record each mission… I always forget!

LOL… :smiley: perfect for a TORPEDO !! :wink:

ever tried ‘lob bombing’? i perfected that technique in the very arcadey BF1942, but you can quickly train yourself to do it in FB. It involves flying straight and level at your target down low and at very high speed, on the final approach pull up and hit the bomb release whilst pulling hard back on the stick, the result is a bomb flying through the air in an arcing trajectory towards your target, very hard to get it right but with a big cookie it can be a way of getting the bomb where it needs to be without getting excessively close to the flak and rely on the blast effect to counter the inaccuracy element.

I used to have a track, but I don’t think I kept it. I found I could actually lob the bomb from outside the range of the 20mm flak… using a P38 at full speed for example it would travel for many kilometres.

The reason I never tried to develop it for war missions was the lack of accuracy. If you know exactly where the target is and you can calcualte your release point you stand a chance… but presented with a target for the first time it was just too difficult to get the bomb reliably on target.

It comes down to the difference between attacks here and in real life. In an Il2 war mission, pinpoint accuracy is the objective. For real pilots, getting the bomb near target and staying alive assumes a greater importance :slight_smile: