HSFX Problem.

Hi chaps.

Im having trouble with HSFX.

Last night I tried to join the Spits v 109 HSFX sever with Red & Snafu.I only had the History mod activated, exactly the same as they did but I could not join the server. I done the usual mod deactivation and reboot but still I could not get in. I then tried the Aces over Europe server which again is History mod only and got the same result.

I then activated the Expert mode and joined the BoB1940 (History+Expert) server without any probs at all

Any ideas?



Try to think of the Hyperlobby servers like… nightclubs, all droning noise and conflict.

Sometimes the bouncers just say No!:frowning:

Hope this helps Charlie:D


The BoB 1940 server doesn’t have the strict filtering I think.

Have you made sure that HL is launching the correct EXE in the modded game folder, not the vanilla folder?

Ming’s Alive!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL I had the same feeling.

It must be my HSFX install.

I cannot join any server that is HSFX only but I can join servers that are HSFX + Expert.

HSFX + Expert it is then.



You are right Charlie, i had the same problem some week ago and i solved it by reinstalling HSFX with all its updates.

See you soon


sorry Charlie I’ve not played with the HL servers for a long time so not experienced any such errors

Nor do I m8 to be honest. I was only having a shakedown with Red & Snafu as I think we are all having SE withdrawal problems when I noticed it.

Its not a real prob at the mo, as long as the internal SE isn’t HSFX only;Then it will be a prob.

Also thanx Cirso for your input, it most certainly is a case of a reinstall.

But if anyone else who has had HSFX6 since the beginning it may be worth checking to see if you can join any history mod servers to avoid any disappointment in the future.



I’ve had the similar problems and wondered what it was - SE worked so I just flew that and offline. I’ll try HSFX + Expert only next, cheers.

same problem here!

i got a cash on 5% game loading
checked this

think i will go with a reinstall… uff