HSFX: again more problems

After solving several problems with Up 2.0 my switcher to the HSFX does not work anymore.
So I decided to make two NEW SEPARATE installations on a 4.09m. The following are the results:

HSFX 2.1: loading at 95% then stop
HSFX 2.1: at the end of loading the game quit

Sorry I am really feed up :frowning:
Since one month I am spending many nights to solve tech probs, and there is not anymore time to fly. My life is already stressing on the job, and I simply hate having stress also in private life. As most of the community server are using Up 2.0, I decided to definetly retire from the SEOW.

Now do you understand what I told many time ago, too many mod for both HSFX and UP

I hope, once this SEOW is over, that all EAF can get together on one mod pack - most likely UP.

If we all keep to that, then the occasional patch to just one pack should be straighforward and we can get more flying together again in big EAF coops, campaigns or dogfights :smiley:

How large are your internet connection?

@ Starfire: Gotcha! - Thanks. Tonight I’ll try again for a new installation :slight_smile: