HSFX 7.0.3 is online

like subject… about 100 MB to download.

New mod “Triggers” - version 1.2

  • Add the ability to trigger ground units (Apparition / Startup).
  • Add the possibility of ground units detection.
  • New options available to limit the detection :
  • All aircrafts and objects
  • IA only
  • Humans only
  • Ground Objects Only
  • Moving Aircrafts Only
  • Static Aircrafts Only
  • Armour Only
  • Artillery Only
  • Infantry Only
  • Ships Only
  • Trains Only
  • Vehicles Only
  • Ability to link a trigger to an object / plane. As a consequence, the trigger will move in the same way than the object / plane and will not be active if the object / aircraft is destroyed.
  • Ability to display text on the execution of the trigger and define this duration.
  • Added a trigger message that only displays text on the screen.
  • Optimization of functions in the mission editor.
  • Fix a bug related to the target objects.
  • Add a line in the EventLog on the initiation of a trigger.

Grazie mille Storm!:slight_smile:

Checking it out now.


Thanks, Storm!

Grazie Storm!

Tak, Storm

Just to clarify…

You already have the HSFX_Client_Updater.exe in the root folder for your HSFX 7.0.2 installation.

You just need to click on that and the extra 100mb of 7.0.3 goodness will be added.

You dont need to deactivate mods with JSGME, but it cant do any harm to do so prior to clicking on the HSFX_Client_Updater.exe

Now when you run the game (after activating HSFX history wit JSGME) it will read 7.0.3

Total install time for me… a few seconds.


After the installation of update, on my system, IL2 works only with HFSX “on” in JSGME…

Yes, IlPesca.

If I try to run the game without HSFX History, I get the CD code prompt.


Is it official EAF patch???
do we upgrade???

usually i wait for HQ green light…

the upgrade is from hsfx autoupdater so is official.

i got no problem with it.

I meant EAF official…

HQ should give the order when to update so that all pilots updates at once.
That is to avoid meeting each other on a night with half squad that has already uploaded and can’t downgrade and the other half that has still to upload it…

for a small patch like that probably i’m too formal, but if it was a 3gb patch things like that matters…

True Jimmi…

Well in that case, someone in the HQ (who does this by the way, all of the members?) must give the green or red light well in time before flight nights, preferably earlier than the same day.

As for tonight, it’s kind of too late to wait for confirmation, since coop mission will start in a few hours.

For huge updates I agree, but this update is quite small and released a short time ago, so I understand if there has been no decision yet. At least I can’t see any issue with updating it, as it will only take 10 mins.