HSFX 6.0 problems

I hope my connex problems are over now that we have HSFX6.0. I have however discovered some problems with it.Last night while hosting I could not not chose any aircraft in the main menu. It was completely blank! Starfire could chose a plane and fly, but not me. Anyone else besides Nepe had this problem?

Im having problems with HSFX6 too.

My 1st download kept asking for a disc?? The game would load to 95% and then crash.

I scrapped it and re downloaded tonight. I thought all was going well during the install as there was no prompt for the disc. It confimed click to finish etc and all looked fine… until I tried to launch it. It dont launch. I get the hour glass for about 2 seconds…and thats all I get

'Kin mods!! :mad:

Finally I have a working copy of HSFX6.

The only problem I have found with it is using the QMB in stock 4.11.1.

If I try to use it more than once, it will completely lock the game up, to the extent where I have to ctrl+alt+del to close it.

I was given a fix in HL where I was told to open the game folder,then open the “Quicks” folder and delete the file .last.quick.

It worked ok but when I go to use the QMB for a second time again I have to delete this file to get the QMB to work; A right royal pain in my opinion.

Come back Oleg…all is forgiven!!