Hows this for a!


WOW what a love work!
ty for sharing @EAF602_Puff

Hope he’ll save a configuration file…
If something gets wrong just remapping all those switches could be a nightmare!

i’m a little confused on last simpits!
With arduino and mapping softwares like mmjoy ther’s been a flourishing of DIY SIMPIT!
They are real pice of love, especially our Topsy’s Spitfire!

But at the same time, with the advent of VR and possibly in a near future a good hand tracking technology building everything except HOTAS (control columns) could be a little redundant…

for example ther’s a great game called VTOL VR that’s doing all the opposite!
No need for joystick, you use just wand controllers and with them you can operate joystick, rudder, brakes and click every virtual switch…
i tryed it! It’s super good! I miss brakes and a real joystick… but at the same time is super good operating all the switches and buttons in a such natural way!

PS @geebeer2 is doing a phisical pit for F18 too!
(a che punto sei? ci posti qualche foto??)