How to start

Literally, how to start?

CEM is indeed a steep learning curve. Any links to a good tutorial or Youtube vid?

Also, how can I get into a mission that lets me practice a Spitfire, or any, start up and take off?

And finally, what are the usual difficulty settings? Any answer apart from VERY will be helpful:(

Chek the COD section of the EAFwiki

there’s a lot of material some is WIP right now…

if you need more just ask!

look at the COD missions and quickmissions you’ll find airstarts, groundstarts and dogfights…

i’m flying full real -external view
some dogfight servers use icons

at the beginning i felt bad inside COD spit. CEM, FM, graphivs view system, new Keys to map, it’s all overwhelming… Then after some time it all changed and now i feel at home! So try it a little before judging!

I suggest that you download one of my training missions from the EAF-FTP. My folder/COD_Missions_DF/

Since they are multiplayer you can jump in any time.

Start Guides from EAF Wiki:
Startup Guides on YouTube
•Tiger Moth -
•Hurrican -
•Spitfire -
•Blenheim Mk. IV -
•Bf109E-3 -
•Ju87 -
•Ju88 -
•He111 -
•G.50 -
•BR20 -


It is very important that you do not use the engine before the oil and coolant temperature have reached it operation temperature. If you do, you will have an extreamly short flight :frowning:
Oil min: 15’
Coolant Norm: 70’

Cheers, loads of good tips there.

One thing I can’t figure out, is how to actually try a Spitfire Start Up and take off mission. The training one forces a Hurricane. All the single missions begin with the engines already ticking over.

Joe, have you overlooked magetos, fuel cock or mixture? Sometimes it’s not clear if they are actually correctly on IIRC


I’ve uploaded several missions to the EAF FTP. They are in the /missions_COD/WBStartupMissions folder.

They are for the Spit1/1a/11a and the Hurricane. I created them a long time ago to practice startup procedures. They begin with you in the selected a/c on the taxiway near the runway. They are very basic missions with no extra frills, just startup, taxi, takeoff, mill about and land whenever you want to.

Place the missions in your X:\Users\Username\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Single folder. Note the location - this is in the Documents folder where the 1C Softclub folder is stored, NOT where the main game is installed in the Steam\steamapps\common\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover folder.

Hope they help.


hehe, call me thick but how do I get them off the FTP??

You’re thick :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT - check in Briefing room for privacy

And cheers Whiskey, I’ll try those out.


Have a look in the Briefing Room ‘stickies’ room. There’s a post in there by Mikke about the addresses to use. Has to be done in a private forum to avoid the great unwashed gaining access to the ftp server.


Trying to hit anything at first can be hard with G forces modelled, because the aiming sight is moving all over the place. To help I use the default TIR setting as it has a good centre dead zone to help slow any of my head movements.

Remember to open your radiator before take off!! Just nursing your engine in combat is a real challenge, weps only for 20 or so secs as the engine starts to shake and complain, but it can help to just boost you out a problem. Diving hard can over rev the engine, so I reduce prop. In fact instead of increasing and reducing throttle to adjust my speed, I use prop pitch, cruising around 2600- 2800rpm and upping to 3000 in combat - just watch your temps. Fuel mix - keep it rich when low and then adjust higher, checking the exaust flames is also a clue, with the orange flame turning blue is meant to just be right (need to test this further) Higher up its even more important.

80 hours in and i’m very much still learning, especially when online to some very experienced 109s drivers. Getting more of us online and working together is the way to go - and more fun :slight_smile: