How to prepare for DCS Mosquito - Terror in the starboard seat!

Just arrived!
i don’t know much on the Mossie and can’t wait to read it!
Saw some reviews and this book is high regarded in wit and humor!

will report my feelings!


ok read it and can’t wait to try the mossie!

The book is fine i would rate 3,5 stars on 5 !
ther’s almost no air to air action!
but a lot of airfield strafing and being written by a navigator a lot of… navigation!
mainly setting the compass, checking time and checking the various landmarks when you fly over till reaching the next steer point…
this usually at low level and at night too!

then a lot of humor, booze, girls and stress and fear before and during the mission!


I think I got the Pilots notes somewhere if anyone is interested



Okay. I have sent you a link for download :wink:

Me tooo… @EAF51_Luft also i think

mmm :thinking: didn’t got anything…

Me too, pls

Hi Luft

Could you please PM me your email?
I share through my OneDrive.
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