How to make an online campaign

Read it? Straight forward isn’t it :slight_smile: Fingers crossed that this will encourage some of the excellent offline campaign makers and others to have a go. Its so what this sim needs and good to see the developer atleast recognising this.

This is something else the -DED- team have done, -

Really fantastic … clear and exhaustive! Thanks Swoop

On 8/31/2018 at 8:22 PM, Jason_Williams said:


DED is a Russian team so my interaction with them is minimal. Han and the boys handle those communications so I don’t have much insight at the moment as to what will come out of this, but I am always for community involvement in MP. I’m going to be focused on helping Pat Wilson realize his idea for a COOP Campaign system for PWCG which he is beginning to work on with my encouragement and input. Between DED’s work and Pat’s work and other’s there should be some more interesting MP options out there in the coming months.

We’re well aware users want a chat lobby etc. In time we will work to have that, but we have other things to get to first. I only have so many people and so big a budget. The same old story as usual. But as is obvious over time we keep adding new things.

Thanks for checking in Swoop. :salute:


Sounds really promising :slight_smile: