How to get a Blenheim airborne

After the interesting take off’s last week, I thought this might help for the re-run this week.

Magneto’s On - All four switches

Turn both fuel cocks wheels to inner. Set lever (that’s lever as in “beaver”, not lever as in “never” Osprey :stuck_out_tongue: ) forward

Check over head fuel gauges and select inner

Select left hand engine and push throttle forward 1/4 inch (2.5cm) and start
Do the same for the right engine
Open radiators

Check the engine temps. When they are around 40-50 degrees, begin to roll at 3/4 revs

Find a longish bit of runway and push the throttles to full and wait… (and keep her straight)

Eventually she’ll stagger into the air.

When landing, don’t cut the throttles too much as the engine temps will drop and she’ll cough and splutter if the temp drops below 100, until they warm up again. Not ideal for a go around.

Running temps