Hot news!!

Vulcan got airbourne today at 12:28!!!

Great job done by the team, fantastic to have it flying again! Lets hope they get it back down again nice and safely !

That’s superb news! How did you find out?

Checking the TVOC website, its really slow but nothing on there yet.

When I attended to my first Airshow ever, at Yeovilton, the Vulcan was still in service…:rolleyes:

Taking off just above me, those wide wings literally obscured the sky!

I recall I took a Kodak Instamatic photo, of a 3/4 sight of the fuselage…:eek:


Contacts dear man :slight_smile: It did its first nose up taxi run yesterday. Slow as everyone is hitting it hard I expect looking for info! :slight_smile: I guess they are all in the bar getting smashed after all that hard work before worrying about updating the website :slight_smile:

Glad its back up…

Nostalgia setting in
Throw back to when I was a kid in Welton and Lincoln, watching the Vulcans flying overhead from Scampton and Waddington, and holding onto the best china during a ‘scramble’ when the whole City shook,sign, happy times:rolleyes::rolleyes:

More news and a picture here…

I used to live just down the road from Bruntingthorpe. What a lovely day for it, I wish I was there.

the Vulcan was still in service…

The Vulcan was still in service in 1984. Surely you went to an airshow before then :slight_smile:

Excellent news. Hope to see it at Duxford before too long then.:w00t:


Video should be here -

but the link is slow… stop trying to look at it you lot.

Some pics here:;act=ST;f=36;t=39547;st=0

and a few more on page 3 here:

Hot piss!

I’m glad I didn’t emigrate now.

We need more pictures!

Please :smiley:

I fly to Bruntingthorpe pretty regular… I live a couple of miles away.
Always worth a visit, quite a few aircraft there now!

Oh hot news I thought you said hot cheese

I’m hungry again now

Image Recycling Depot

Sweet! The Vulcan is up and running! I think the Vulcan is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful jet bombers, just look at those huge delta shaped wings!!!:smiley:

Lets hope it lives another 33 years!:stuck_out_tongue:

Wont keep you waiting any longer

Take off