Hosting, who can help?

Dear comrades,

322/310 sqn has the following problem: we are not able to host more than 1 person. Some of us are not able to host at all, but that’s not the issue now.

So the problem is that one of us (let’s say me) hosts a game and only the first one who is ready to join can come in , the second, third etc cannot. :confused:

Port forwarding is set, static ip etc. ok. Firewall settings (router and/or windows) on/of makes no difference. UpNp on/of no change, Exposed Host on/of no change.

We use different routers/pc/OS etc. So it must be something in the program or in the config.ini. We think. Or something in the AAA mod? Can’t imagine.:frowning:

Who can help or has any ideas?

Duke, is it the same with and without hyperlobby ?

The number of clients allowed is defined in conf.ini - section [NET], parameter
serverChannels=15. Start the IL2, swith to desktop and check it.

Jirka, this is my NET config.ini:

serverName=No Name

serverChannels=31 is even more, so better :confused:, but I will change it to 15. Try again on monday.

Btw: without Hyperlobby? No idea, never done that. Let’s try that too. Just tell me how to do that :).

Thanks Jirka.


hosting without HL : Start IL2 than in main screen choose Multiplay - Create new server. Than choose number of playes, difficulty and so on.

In this conf.ini all is OK - serverChannels=31. But check it directly after you start hosting. By using ALT+TAB swicth to desktop (IL2 is runnig in background) and check current conf.ini.

Jirka, we have the same problem when hosting form the game. So the problem must be something else.