Hosting timeout problems?


I can’t host a game. Anyone joining gets a timeout. I can host and pick mission prefs and fly around. Tried twice with two different pilots, both could not connect due to timeout.

Whiskey i think during training we had same problem? How did you sort it?

Heres the setup:
Broadband 2Mbit Router
Firewall given exceptions for HL, and every exe in the IL2 folder.
Norton 2006 installed

Also while we are on topic what specs are needed to host: I realise better specs = more players, but what is the rough limit for these specs:

AMD Sempron 2800+
1024Mb RAM
2MB Broadband
256MB ATI Radeon 9600 Pro

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Thatll be the problem then :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, have you checked that windows firewall is disabled ?
And if the firewall is part of the norton package, then I am betting it is part of the cause …

Assuming you have mislabeled your CPU … as in its an XP 2800 not a 2.8 ghz ?

One would say that you should be fine hosting as your connection is plenty good enough (assuming you have 256 or greater upload).

Okay, i will try to host later with Norton Disabled.

The WinXP firewall is not disabled, but has exceptions for all the programs, but i will try to host with norton and WinXP firewall both disabled and see how that goes.

Also, yes its an AMD Sempron XP2800, i will correct that.

Thanks, i will post the results later tonight


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what specs are needed to host

Hosting doesn’t carry a great overhead, if your machine spec is OK - which yours appears to be - and you normally run Il2 without problems you should be able to host. More important is your connection bandwidth. You need to know the upload figure, and that is not always quoted. 256kbps up is standard on ADSL. Go to PC_Pitstop and test your connection. Opinions vary :wink: but I allow 12kbps per player - so a 256 upload should be OK for 10v10 coop missions.

Your timeouts may well be your router. You will need to open a port on 21000, my router interface calls this a “virtual server” but terminology differs. Take a look at your router manual, or get one of our resident experts on TS.

Personally, I would consider ditching Norton. It’s a great security product, but sheesh does it think it owns the place. It is very resource greedy. Avast! antivirus will do just as good a job, use half the system resource, and the home edition is free. XP Firewall and the router will handle the security side. If you stay with Norton, make sure you turn live updates off, they will screw things a treat if they kick off during a mission.

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I’m married too :slight_smile:

Got it sorted, it was a port 21000 issue and Trooper helped me test it, as did Painter and Arrow, so thanks to all who showed me the way.:banana:

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