Horrific accident involving threshing machine

Scene of a ghastly accident but getting there

Still very symmetrical as I’m only working on one side for now and cloning the other side over, he’ll have a nice nose with working nostrils later so he can flare them as Public School chaps are wont to do “Don’t flare your nostrils at me Charles!” “I’m not flaring them at you Mater but whatever that smell is it’s most certainly not me”

Good enough to try rigging his moving bits soon. No I haven’t got that far you pervert he’s only a Devil Doll head for now :slight_smile:


“Stop trying to look wistful ‘Mona’ Jenkins it makes you look like a bloody puppy…”

After a spot of lunchtime surgery


he got a truck in face? :wink:

Threshing machine, industrial equipment. Dangerous :slight_smile:

I have to make room in his mouth Wildy, to put the controllers (the bones) that will make him speak and chew gum later


oh well, no accident this time :wink:

Couple more hours on the plastic-surgeon’s operating table :slight_smile:

I’ll have to do some blinking and phonemes work next now he’s looking not-too-bad, while working him up to a 1930s-look. Which I know what it looks like but find it hard to describe. I’ll know it when I see it. Drat forgot the eyebrows placeholder, people look so weird without any hair at all. Not weird exactly, but they all look very similar and this guy will need to have a very specific look to him. As in chiselled

Those eyes are transparent not blue. I wrestled about deciding on the colour of his eyes because he’s going to have sandy hair- but if I give him blue eyes he’ll look a bit suspect. So they’re grey-brown not to take any chances of being suspected of being in the Ku Klux Klan :slight_smile: