Hornet, Persian Gulf Map, and Su-33 Free Weekend!


hurry to download!!


Downloaded, it took forever to download, now if I could get my teenage son off the pc I might actually get a go of the hornet.

Hey Meako nice to hear from you again, A couple of us are flying DCS tonight (Sat)… boot yer son of the PC and come and join us on TS


Sorry I did not get on till late, I am keen to do some multiplayer , what version you using I’m on stable not beta.

We’re normally on the latest version, usually beta unless they make the beta the stable.

Just FYI the bundle with all 3 is $89.99 / £69.37 / €78.02 until 21st October.

If you have FC3 the Sukhoi is necessary, but the Hornet plus Gulf would be $79.99 plus $49.99, so you would save c. $40 / £31 / €35 versus buying separately.