Hello all,

i will be on Holidays with my family in Portugal for the next three weeks.
So its unlikely you meet any plane of the smallest EAF-Squadron in the virtual skies for that time :slight_smile:
No flying for me tonight, I have to pack the luggage :wink:



Happy holidays Thor!! and come back save.

Maybe small but with a big heart :slight_smile:

Have a great time Thor!

See you soon mate


As I mentioned before, enjoy yourself, and take care, see you soon Thor :slight_smile:

Hi Thor :slight_smile: ,

sorry only to reply this message now. Where you staying in Portugal?


Back again, really looking forward to fly with you guys :slight_smile:
Cassa, we stayed in a village near the sea called Coimbrao half way between Lisboa and Porto where a friend of my family owns a houseโ€ฆvery nice :slight_smile:
was good fun in Portugal althoug we drove 7500 Km in this holidays, but even the kids liked the driving for it :slight_smile:

Lots of pictures coming soon I hope ? :wink: