Historically accurate Spitfire serial numbers for EAF squadrons in DCS

In light of the upcoming SoW campaign in DCS, I thought it would be a good idea to research the true aircraft serial numbers used by EAF squadrons.

In the DCS load out menu we can change the aircraft squadron codes, aircraft letter and serial number, provided it is in the MH… alphabetical range. Unfortunately we cannot change the alphabetical part of the serial number in the DCS load out menu and I guess this can only be changed by modifying the skins. The good news is that I have found more than 40 real serial numbers in the MH range, so there are enough for everybody to have their own personal aircraft letter and serial number.

Attached is a list of all MH serial numbers used by EAF squadrons :
DCS Spitfire EAF serials.pdf (31.3 KB)

To insert the details for your aircraft in DCS :
Call up the comms menu / select F8 Ground Crew / select F1 Rearm & Refuel / in the Board Number box delete and replace text.

Example : If we enter LOD526 in the box, the aircraft skin will show ‘LO’ as sqdn code, ‘D’ as aircraft letter with MH526 as the serial number.

BTW : The example above is the correct ID’s for the aircraft flown in 602 squadron by P Clostermann from the Free French air force.
(If the 602 boys don’t mind, I would like to impersonate this pilot, as my native 79 sqdn never flew Spitfires !)

I have only been able to identify two or three aircraft letters, so if anyone has more details, please let me know and I will be glad to update the pdf file.

Exellent. Thanks Topsy :smiley:

I’ll have MH882 and give it the code letter LO-G…if thats ok :slight_smile: { I can also tell you who flew the various MH serial numbered aircraft via the Operational record book for 602 Sqn that I have :slight_smile: }

I’m ok with the MH serial numbers as they are my initials. :smiley: So any of the 331 planes is good for me, as long as it’s FN-H.

What I need is a match between a/c letter and serial number. Do you have a list you can email me for the 602 MH serials ?

the Op book doesnt have the code letters, unfortunately…only the pilot name, serial number and actual operation the air frame was involved in.

OK guys I owe you an apology for spreading erroneous information about ID’ing Spits in DCS.

In fact you can put whatever code you like in either the ‘board number’ box in the load out menu or in the ‘tail number’ box in the mission editor.

If you leave it blank the system will feed in a serial number starting with MH by default, HOWEVER you can enter a complete aircraft ID including squadron code + aircraft letter + full serial number, such as FNHPL512 which will give a skin with FN°H PL512.

ie a full squadron code+ aircraft letter + full serial will overwrite the default setting. This means we can have any real Spitfire we like.

To stay historical and to respect the aircraft type modelled in DCS, we should only use serials in the following ranges :
MH (some early serials in this range are for aircraft fitted with M61 or 63 and should be excluded)

MJ, MK, ML, NH, PK, PL, PT, PV all fitted with M66 and in service in June -July 1944

RK, RR, SL, SM, TA, TB, TD, TE also fitted with M66 but delivered from Aug 44 - Jan 45