Hi guys! Just filled out your enlistening form

just wanted to salute

i hope i ll get accepted as a recruit :slight_smile:
i ve just met Phantom and he seems to be a nice guy, though he is from Ireland hehe

i am from Zurich, Switzerland


Welcome to our humble home Kessler :slight_smile:

Welcome Kessler, welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Welkome on board, Kessler!!

Welcome kessler you will enjoy flying with us

Ahoj Kessler, Letu zdar ! :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome aboard Kessler

Hi Kessler, and Welcome from your southern neighbours! (EAF51 is the Italian Squadron of the EAF :wink: )

Hi Kessler, welcome!

Welcome Kessler :slight_smile:

Hmm, yes, I think you will be accepted, let’s see…yes, more or less this evening, when I get home and can send you the welcome mail :wink:

Hope to see you soon in the air, you can already make yourself a new account at HL, EAF_T_Kessler

Hi Kessler,

Welcome aboard and hope to see you on HL soon :smiley:

Welcome Kessler!
Hope to see you soon in the air :slight_smile:

Hi Kessler,

Glad to see you made it. Hope to fly with you soon.

Cheeky Git!:wink:


Welcome to the EAF Kessler. See you up there.

Welcome Kessler :slight_smile: see you in the virtual skies

How Do Kessler !!! Welcome to this crazy and fantastic community mate i hope your stay is long and fruitful. :o :banana: (yup - Bananas)

Techy :cool: