Hi EAF how are you? -coronavirus Emergency-

I’ll start!
Super busy at work! i’m a pharmacist!
super busy but relaxed at home with Zeno my newborn!

so far so good!
what about you?
are you safe?

So far no outbreak in my vicinity. At work today, have worked from home a couple of days and will probably do some more this week, but not 100% either way, at least as long as we don’t get any reports about infections. Other vice trying to stay away from crowds.

I hope you don’t have a lot of contagious people coming in at work Jimmi! :sneezing_face: And take care of your family!

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Hi Jimmi, say hello to Zeno :slight_smile:

We have movement restrictions (police hour) in Croatia, whole country is in blocade, about 200 infected, one dead from virus and one girl died in earthquake!
I still work, firefighting shifts!


Hi All - just got back from a sailing cruise with friends in Guadeloupe. Managed to fly back to Paris last on Monday night in spite of government restrictions. Arrival in Orly was spooky with the whole airport empty except for the passengers from our flight. I only had cabin bags so was first out of the airport and this was the first time in my life that I didn’t have to wait for a taxi - also got home in record time as there is hardly any traffic. In France we are confined to stay at home - only allowed out to go to work (if you cannot work from home), to get food & medication, or to go to doctor (if you are not infected). Confinement has been extended to 6 weeks. At my wife’s work 2 colleagues are infected and 2 of her friends. Needless to say we are taking every possible precaution. I trust that all of you are well and that you only participate in safe activities, like flying on-line. Be happy to chat with you on TS now i’m back.


Happy you are all safe!


Still alive here in Milano. Since about a month now, at “home arrest” only going out shopping for food.
family OK.


Every thing is fine.
Both GF, Kids and I are alright.
Since she and two of her kids have astma we are keeping to ourselfs.
I have been sent home from work, but as a civil servant it is with pay.
All school stuff have moved online, so my GF are doing her schoolworkder from home. So for me to stay silent I am gaming a lot. I sometimes travel to my own apartment for DIY projects, so having my own car is vital.
It prevents me from going bonkas :wink:


(Revised edition. My phone is really bad for long texts.)


Everything all right here.

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