Hi chaps

A Mr Whiskey directed me here to introduce myself. Some of you (for better or worse :p) may already know me. I’d like to get back into the swing of things in IL-2 after a 2 year hiatus or so and since my bunch don’t really take to the skies much any more I’d like to see if you guys would let me fly a mission or two with you. I just about remember how to take off!

All the best.

Hello Nuts and welcome to our home.

Yes I remember flying with you and some of your squad mates, back in Airforce War 1 times IIRC. You are welcome to join one of my games anytime you like, EAF19 are currently flying IL2 war. Many other EAF’ers are flying a SEOW campaign which I dont think you will be able to get in on, although someone will correct me if I am wrong.

Hi Nuts,

Glad you found your way over here. Like Classic says some of us are flying a Scorched Earth BoB campaign using the AWI mod. Others are flying using the UI1.1 mod from AAA and other wars have there own mod packs as well. If you want to join in with us you’ll need to decide on a mod pack although we do still fly vanilla 4.08 on occasions to get everybody in a game.

Take a look over at the AAA site for all things mod.

Look forward to seeing you again soon.