Help`with new rig

Hi chaps

Time to upgrade. I´ve chosen the Ryzen 5 3600 (I dont think the R7 3700 offers many advantages for 100 more euros), but can´t find a good MB, mini-ITX. Any help here?

Also, about the graphics card, is the RTX 2070 the sweet spot now?

Many thanks

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Think Ryzen 3600 is a great CPU and you can still upgrade it with 2020 cpus! (If need be)

Rtx 2070 and 2070 super are good cards!
I can run in VR without many problems with my 2700x! Yes you always want more but i think it’s a good sweet spot!

Motherboards are tricky to choose! I don’t think they are game changer in speed! Could help in better overclock! Checkkwich features you need!
Lan speed?
Wifi connections!?

And above all USB ports, number types and quality! We have many peripherals and good usb can be a plus! Also i’ll expect seeing more and more usb-c in future!
Some vr enjoy a good and stable usb too!

Ah go for good ram! (Prices are Down now!)

In Ryzen The cpu bus is linked to the ram speed! (Sort of) so ryzen with faster ram have much better benchmarks!

16 is enough for box
32 is more future proof and i red DCS enjoy some more ram!

With my ryzen generation ram using samsung b-die allowed faster pc and stability!

Don’t know if it’s the same with last ryzen generation! Haven’t checked yet!

I bought a week ago a Ryzen 5 3600 for my son with this :

the only problem I had is the motherboard’s bios was not updated and the pc wouldn’t boot, I had to download the updated firmware from MSI and load it with a USB pendrive


Good info about the ryzen and RAM Jimmi, didn’t know that.

Finch, yes that update thing could be a problem. I am looking at a X470 MB, but there aren´t so many in mini ITX format :frowning:

And yes, after I build this rig I will looka t VR :slight_smile:

Chek it I don’t know if the new Ryzen generation is still so sensitive on ram!

B450 was last year chip! So yes bios need to be updated before running this year chip!

@Finch_EAF51 riesci a fare qualche benchmark base sui nostri sim connla macchina di tuo figlio!? Credo sia una piattaforma eccezionale prezzo prestazioni! Che vga gli hai montanto? (O ti sei preso una nuova e gli hai rifilato la vecchia :thinking::joy:)

ha la sua 1050, ancora non l’ha cambiata

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MSI has now b450M (M for micro ITX) MAX that are ryzen 3000 ready, no BIOS update needed. Should I look at anything in particular to make sure it is VR ready?

Next, memory…any particular recommendation, besides tht above from Finch?


No i would say system is new so will support VR fine!
Just check the amount and type of USB ports you’ll need!

as for ram

just check if this is still true with last ryzen generation
then go for 16 or 32gb “around 3200mhz” ram of your liking!

check here on ram for ryzen

(new mobo allows better and faster ram compatibility! at a price)
Samsung b.die chip still has better timing and compatibility (again at a price)