Help with creating a harrier mission

I’ve got 2.5 up and running and taking off okay in the harrier from a carrier. I’ve been watching a few vids on the weapon systems and now trying to hit something with the Mavericks, however the only mission I have I find the apu are really super hard to see on the grass.

Does anyone have an decent sandbox type mission with stationary targets maybe on an airfield for ease of spotting. Taking off from a stationary carrier near the target would be good, but with the harrier totally off so I can practice the startup too. I hope to move onto bombs afterwards so multiple targets on an airfield and maybe a Sam site to use the sead on.

Thanks in advance.

Swoop the mission builder is a piece of Piss to use, but if your struggling I’m sure myself or OD can rattle something up
Another hint is to fly on my server or ODs record the track when flying, then change it from a track file to a Miz file and place it in your missions folder and voila you have that mission


Thanks Red, I gave it ago and built the mission as you said easily!

Blowing stuff with the Mavericks at last but keep crashing while trying to land back on the deck…back to watch a vid again.

Then bombs…

JUST LANDED on a moving carrier!! :banana::banana: lol

JUST LANDED on a moving carrier!!
…Well done Swoop, she certainly is a great module to fly, even though she’s not the finished article, flying at night and try a carrier landing, now that’s a whole new ball game:roflmao:

Try the targeting pod with GBU12s or 38’s although the TGP is WIP, I also hear there is a rolling map on the horizon, which should be good for sharing targets

I’m online most nights m8, jump on TS and I’ll host something :cool:


I have something Swoop, it is a Carrier takeoff though and there will be a tanker for you to refuel if need be, I can sent it your way If your interested?

Sure thanks Os, I’ll PM you. Just managed to do an air refuel…took me ages! Sorting out trim controls and the autopilot now its working helped a bit.

Loving all the ground attack stuff, got me looking at the A10C and that 30mm now but will hold off and try and master the Harrier first. Haven’t tried the night stuff yet and can’t say I’m good at anything yet. I do like all the training missions/campaigns available for the A10C and good way to get really good in her. Wonder if they will do the same for the Hornet as Wags was suggesting its the next big one after the A10C in a recent hornet vid. I like the multi role of the Hornet and the helmet mounted sight sounds cool plus all the different munitions coming.