Help someone has my hl2 cd-key

steam wont let meopen an account as my seriel number is allready been used.

what do i do , i have an original game in the box. ?


ok maybe half better

i am now downloading something called

“codename gordon” is this the actual hl2 game?
when i try to play the game a game browser opens up with some upgrades for silver,platinum and gold versions of hl2 , wich i have to buy. is this right?


no mate this isn’t right…

If it says your serial has been used and it is the one in the box I suggest you contact Steam for help… there will be a way for you to prove that you have the real thing (usually by reading the bar code number from the box) and they will either assign you a new valid serial number or free up your existing one.

Codename Gordon is a little add in game a 2d platform sideways scroller.

When do you get this message about the serial? when you register your product?

Sounds like the guy you brought HL2 off Led has already registered his email address with the CD-Key you are trying to use. You must get his email address and secret answer so that you can login to ‘his’ account and change the email address to yours. That was the CD-Key will be registered to your email address.

As Insight says Codename Gordon is a little crappy game that Valve brought out - I don’t know why though because no-one plays it :confused:

Basically when you enter the CD and install HL2 Led it should have asked you to install Steam and Counterstrike: Source aswell. Once the installation has finished then you can then start up Steam and Login.

Once you have Logged in you may have to wait a while for Steam to update and for HL2 & anyother mods you have installed such as Counterstrike: Source to be verified.
The first couple of hours are wasted in the installation but once its sorted HL2 is awsome :w00t:

I know, that the CD game has got the 99% of the game…
After the install, you got to register your cd-key, then downloading the 1% of the game…anti crack and pirates sistem… :cool:

ok got it all running , BUT when i click on lunch game it looks like something is trying to load but crashes before it even starts.
the green window is saying “preapering to play half life 2…”
but nothing happenes.

whats wrong?

checked your firewall ports?

try here

this is my problem:

seems that many people has this problem but no solution yet