Helmut Lipfert

Hemut Lipfert & Werner Girbig - The War Diary of Hauptmann Helmut Lipfert - The JG52 on the Russian Front - 1993 Shiffert Publishing LTD - ISBN 0-88740-446-4

Simply a GREAT book, only comparable to Clostermann’s and Jhonnie Johnson’s. The war theathre is the same we are flying on IL-2. The author is perfectly describing not only combat and dogfight, but also engine and plane management. Absolutely worth to read

Who was Lipfert?

Squadron: JG 52, JG 53
Victories: 203, all on Eastern Front
Total Sorties: 700
Awards: Knights Cross with Oak Leaves
Combat Deput: EF, Dec. 42
Remarks:victories include 2 USAAF 4/E bombers over Romania