I am new on Rise of Flight and just joined the WW1EAF squad. Had a few problems with my ISP and now my rudder is playing up. :wink:
But I will be looking out for tonight on the server.
Hope I can select the Sopwith Pup, it fly’s sweet.:banana:

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Hi Jeeves

Hope to see you later

Hi Jeeves, it’s good to have new RoF trainee here, that means I’m not the youngest anymore :anpeace:

Welcome to the EAF Jeeves. Glad to have you on board. Hope to fly with you soon.

Hello Jeeves and welcome.


Hi & welcome! :slight_smile:

I got lost on the mission after I had a dogfight with a white albtross. Ended up way north of the airfield. :o

Last week my ISP connection dropped down to a crawl, 0.12 Mbps. Then my Logitech extreme 3d pro rudder started flapping about like a fish tail. No fun trying to fly without a rudder. Even worse with a rudder pulling you this way and that.
I just pulled the joystick apart and split the rudder pot open to clean the tracks. Also bent up the wiper wire inside the pot to make a better connection. Sprayed it in switch cleaner.
Re-assembled stick with lots of grease. Just tested and it is a lot better.

I have the Logitech G940 on order but it is taking a month to arrive!

Hi Jeeves

Don’t worry about getting lost. Once you have your comms sorted out, you’ll get support from the rest of us.
You did well for your first mission. Stayed with us right up until we spotted the enemy. Seperation from the main body is always something that can happen. One minute there’s planes everywhere the next you’re all on your own and can’t find anyone

exactly, and that’s the beauty of this era, this adventure when you realize that you are on your own, trying to figure out where the heck are you, and where are the others…and Brigstock is right, you should run the teamspeak because it’s great aid and whole different experience…

and don’t worry, I’m lost almost every mission and it takes lot of focus on the planes around just to keep on track with others…not even to look around for enemy…that’s why I pick the fight only if it’s necessary or if I see someone in trouble…

G940 is great system and RoF is taking it realy well, I have it for 3 weeks now and I’m very satisfied, hope you will be too :slight_smile:

all the best and keep the good spirit! :angel7:

Yes, I am hoping the G940 turns up soon. Where did you get yours from Jojko? I have mine on order from Dabs, I think I got the last one because they said it would be a special order. Now they have changed the Dabs website to ‘G940 - discontinued’.
I am not confident that they can get me one.

Well Jeeves, I’m from Slovakia and I ordered it from slovakian importer http://www.progamingshop.sk/logitech-flight-system-g940-p-38784.html , so I’m affraid it will not be much usefull for you…But I’m sure if you look for it on internet, you will find someone in your country who has it, because even in slovakia I found 4 importers, I just chose the cheepest one…

But some people prefer Saitek X52 http://www.saitek.com/uk/prod/x52pro.html , I don’t know, I think G940 is fine with RoF but some people are complaining about compatibility with other sims…I’m not planning to skip from RoF to other sim so I don’t care, but if you are, think about it…

All the best :wink:

I have cancelled my order with Dabs.com, they have wasted 3 weeks and cannot get the G940. As luck would have it, I have an ebay search with auto email enabled. Just got an email about buyitnow Logitech G940 for a brilliant low price. Bought straight away. Happy. :banana:

Well I finally got my Logitech G940 (ebay bargain price)!!! Unpacked it and it looks the business.
The irony is - I cannot use it at the moment. :smiley: Just had a new total knee replacement fitted last Tuesday 12th. I will stick with the Logitech 3d extreme for a few weeks longer.

Good news Jeeves

Let’s hope you have a speedy recovery and get to use your new setup.

A full HOTAS makes a big difference in the immersion factor when playing flight sims