Hello old friends

Just thought I’d drop in and say hi to my old mates, seems there are still a few around :smiley: and some new names I see amongst the forum topics. Good to see the EAF is still going and seems as though Jimmi and Starfire are leading the way with the campaigns, good work lads!

I’ve now not ‘flown’ for over 3 years which is quite incredible and terribly dull to boot! However I can see a time on the not too distant horizon when I may be able to dust off the Saitek and Track IR and take to the virtual skies once more. I hope the community is still going strong and that my chums in the Italian community still have good memories of me as I do of them :cool: whats the gen now? What sim will I need to learn to fly in when I return?

Take care mates, I hope to fly again soon.


Hey Classic, good to hear from you, most of 51 and a few others are flying BoS, a few others Clod and also DCS, The Harrier is a great module and there’s about 5 of us got it, apart from that no real Campaign’s since SoW in Cliffs which is disappointing, personally I think DCS is good for the jets and with The BoS recent update there’s not a better time to dust if yer gear and get flying mate


Welcome back Classic!
As a new member here it’s nice to see vets returning.

Big salute from the other side of Adriatic sea!

Hi Classic, nice to hear from you and welcome back when time permits! :slight_smile:

Good to hear from you again Classic!
As already have been said, we are a bit split up between CoD, BoX and DCS. Myself I spend most time in DCS trying to learn to fly the Spitfire or to use weapons in the Viggen, also fly CoD sometimes, but not very often with my limited flying time.

Hi Classic!!

EAF forever! :o

Hi Classic
welcome back!

i think you lost Clod train!
was a super sim with one of the best tournament ever flew… but now community moved away think.

DCS ww2 is promising
Box also is improving a lot!

u should try them both…

Hi mate!

Grab BoK and then maybe work backwards to the earlier titles - you get a P-39, Spitfire V, A-20 so very reminiscent of the old Il-2 campaigns (plus the usual Blue suspects). It really has developed into a fantastic game and later this year we should be getting the first installments of the [slightly oddly-titles] Battle of Bodenplatte, whcih is likely to be an Ardeness-esque game. You need to pre-order this to get early access, though.

Let me know when you are free to fly online. I have started getting back into this since Feb so am still shaving off the rust.

Hi Classic!

Nice to hear from you! +1 on Il-2 BoS/M/K - its the dogs dangly bits for WW2 air combat right now.

DCS good for jets obvs with Harrier, F/A-18 & F-14 inbound.

Still waiting on Malta/Med theatre with Team Fusion and CloD.

Hi Classic

Its been quite a while; Welcome back.

We are still divided among sims as you can see.

I went BoX (BoS) 100% this summer after the big update which changed a lot on play-ability and flightmodels.

No matter what BoX title you buy you will still be able to fly, although some servers have a rolling planeset which will be a very hard limit if don’t own more than one titel.

We still don’t have anything as sophisticated as SEOW. There are talks about it, but the BoX server still dont have nowhere the capacity for the complexity which is needed for SEOW.

You can find the talks here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34243-an-attempt-to-revive-old-il2-wars/

Hey Gareth, long time man. Hope the wife and family are well.

You running that restoration business yet and got a spare Spitfire to dogfight in at the weekend!!

We had 4 cracking Battle of Britain campaign in CLOD, but with your panache for ground pounding you would have wanted to fly Blue. BoX is very much a modern Il2 of old and growing and improving all the time and good for ground attack to (love the Pe2). We are lacking in war campaigns, but the online server wars are decent for now and with some recently added features i can see this only improving. I’ve spent a lot of time with the SpitVb so no change there for me!

I’m currently learning to fly a Harrier in DCS (study sim) with about 6 others, doing CAS ground attack missions from carriers and land. Night mission are especially interesting and challenging.https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/products/planes/

Hi Classic!

We could need some of your expertise in the Finnish server. Would be fun to fly Axis(the underdog) and perhaps win a few rounds with your tactics.