Hello EAF


I’m Carlos, aka Cule. I used to fly in IL-2 2001-2013 in several squads until the last one, the II/JG54, founded not long after EAF, became defunct in 2012-13. Since then I’ve been making games, came close to working for 1C-777 on BoX, struggling to find the time to help Team fusion and nowadays Team daidalos… I do not belong to any active squad these days although along with Snafu (EAF member) and others we run a “casual” squad on our historical servers on IL-2 1946 and soon in BoX.

Thanks to Snafu’s recent reappearance in the modern IL-2 series I have booted up my BoX /DCS/CLoD again. Trying out servers… starting to build the server for BoX, etc… flying with old friends… trying to get in touch with more people.

So if you don’t mind guests in your sorties, some cannon fodder or you plan to open a BLUE side squadron… I would not mind sticking around once in a while.


Hi Carlos and welcome, your more than welcome, although we mainly fly on the red side this month we are on the dark side :roflmao
I flew with Snafu in th old 46 and I eventually moved onto CoD, I’m glad Snafu is coming back and the more the merrier


Hey Carlos.

Thanks for posting. I fly LW planes often as they are the coolest. We are FlyiNg on the Finnish Virtual server and this month we are flying for the Luftwaffe. Come join us as we need pilots against the Russian advance.
Snafu has our Teamspeak server info.

Welcome Carlos

Sorry about last night, but I had an appointment with a Trainee.

Before I came to EAF (10 years ago this year) I flew German aircraft. Basically becourse they are easier to fly. Cockpit design is so much ahead (Better) and pilot workload is a less than in all other nations aircrafts.
(“Is the dark side stronger?” Yoda: "No, no, no. Quicker, easier, more seductive :roflmao:)

I try to keep my skills in Axis aircraft up to date, as my EAF duties require that I can provide target practice and training into non-similar a/c

As stated earlier; We are flying for the Dark Side this month and it provides our Italien Wing with the opportunity to fly Macci :smiley:

I hope we can get a sortie or two in on Finish Airwar before we transition back to the Allied side :ani_beer:

they’re not just the coolest in my opinion, I also think LW aircraft have the highest skill cap, especially in CloD (not so much in BoX). There’s always something new you can learn after spending thousands of hours on that particular 109.

Vaya, otro Carlos por el forum :slight_smile:

No need to ask which football team you support :wink:

Welcome to our forum, I don´t fly a lot these days but maybe we find each other in the Easetrn skies.


Welcome Carlos!