Hello EAF pilots! Greetings from Henkie

Salute to all,

Some of you know me from years back, some not. Just want to say hi to old friends: You know who you areI :wink: To all of you: hope you are all well in these crazy times!! :grinning: I am doing fine, but must say that I have not played IL2 for years now…

I came to say hello is because the wife ordered me to clean up the attic and look what I found!!: my old sidewinder joystick and TIR all in dust :laughing:
It brought so many memories of the fun times with EAF. My wife wanted to throw all in the garbage, but I said NOOOO :rofl: So after the cleanup I came to look for the EAF to say hello and to congratulate with the new forum! I see that a lot has changed, but good that some things stay the same! :+1:




hey Henkie!
what a pleasure!!!

nice to hear from you!
how many years!
how are you?
what are you doing?

we imported all users from the old forum!
i’ll send you by pm the details to recover it!

if you fancy have a flight we still have some pilots flying a patched version of IL21946

it’s great times for flight sims! tech advances have brought us more graphics and eye candy, better flight models and the VR revolution!

Hi Jimmi!! :smile:

Great to see you! Wow many years…like 15 or more? What memories right? I’m fine Jimmi, all in good health. Thank God, the borders are open again so next week short vacation to Germany and visit my brother in law there.

Just came to say hi and that I have not forgotten the good times in EAF! :wink:
I am clicking through this new forum to see what is new and it is amazing to see what changes there are.
So much to see about new flightsims now it is unbelievable!! :open_mouth:

But I can not play Jimmi. I have no PC and only a very old windows laptop I don’t use anymore and then only Macs that I don’t understand so no games :rofl: let alone flight sims.

Just went on youtube to look at some for me amazing and new flight sims: Rise of flight, DCS, IL2. All look very very good to me and they make me curious :stuck_out_tongue:
2 questions: What do EAF play mostly today? And what computer specs do you need to play these flightsims in a good way?

we grew different…
IL2 Cliff of dover had a lot of bugs
modders saved it and made it wonderful,
we played it a lot! but development was so slow that in the end most of the online community left it!

we tried DCS.
it’s great! very complex, every switch of the cokpit is clickable!
but WWII planes have some problems we have '44 allied planes and 1945 axis ones. Normandy map is heavy. So it’s difficult to organize massive events online.
modern planes are very good tough and half of EAF moved to jets! (many of them are using a chat - voice app called discord mostly and the forum less)

then ther’s il2battle of stalingrad. tons of ww2 planes and maps. less complex but with nice graphic effect. Fm is nice but not perfect. A lot of people flying it online and organizing things.
51 and other eaf fly it!

DCS and IL2 battle of Stalingrad support Vr headset wich is a game changer! (i would say 20% of eaf use it!) you fell the 3d vision! the wings and plane nose are huge! Shooting, landing, flying in formation is easier because of the distance perception! being defensive and look back a nightmare!

ps specs…
it depends!
Vr or playing in 4k especially on DCS is super heavy and requires a super beefy pc! the best you can afford. (would say 1500€+ pc and 500€ vr headset)
if you are happy with 1080p graphic and using Battle of stalingrad or cliff of dover… 800-1000€ pc would work well!

Good to see you again Henkie!
I’m one of those that have switched over almost totally to DCS, I fly both Spits and jets there, as Jimmi says, DCS does have some problems with WW2, but it’s getting better. :slight_smile:

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