Heatblur Simulation Legends Never Die - DCS: F-4E Announcement Trailer

Hey @everyone, Heatblur Simulations just posted a video! Go check it out!

Heatblur Simulations
Legends Never Die - DCS: F-4E Announcement Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions: The DCS: F-4 Phantom
by Heatblur Simulations

Q: When will the DCS: F-4 Phantom by Heatblur Simulations release?
A: DCS: F-4E has been in development for some time and will be released later in 2022. Stay tuned for our full unveiling closer to launch day!

Q: What variants will the Heatblur F-4 Phantom include?
A: The first release will be DCS: F-4E, the iconic land based variant of the Phantom. We will be launching two variants of the -E; a “classic era” F-4E (blocks 36-45 with updates retrofitted in 1974 and before, including new slats, DSCG and AGM-65) as well as an upgraded (DMAS) version of the aircraft in one package.

Q: Will there be a Navy F-4?
A: Yes! Our Phantom journey only begins with the -E. However, owing to the complexity of the work and investment of time and effort, it will not be included in the DCS: F-4E product. We’re instead choosing to focus on providing the most content rich F-4E we possibly can, and then set our sights on further telling the legendary story of the F-4.

Q: Will the Heatblur F-4 Phantom released as Early Access?
A: The F-4E will be released as Early Access first. Much like the F-14 Tomcat, we plan on releasing it as feature complete as we can, including Singleplayer and Multicrew capability, a WSO-AI, an elaborate Flight Model, functioning cockpits and instruments, the main set of air to ground and air to air weapons such as sidewinders, sparrrows, mavericks, laser guided bombs, dumb bombs, a gun and of course a fully functional radar, avionics suite and F-4 specific systems that will help you dominate the battlefields of its time. As usual it will come chock-full of content, including training missions, Singleplayer missions, Multiplayer scenarios and of course, more than one campaign.

Q: Will it come with Multicrew capability and a WSO AI?
A: From day one you will be able to enjoy the F-4 with full multicrew functionality and with the JESTER-AI, tailored to the needs and capabilities of the F-4 Phantom.

Q: Why won’t all variants be part of one module?
A: The investment of time and effort to do the Navy and Marine Corps versions of the F-4 justice makes it unrealistic for us to include everything in one package. We want to make sure to tell the story of each Phantom variant chosen in the most content rich and appropriate way possible, while making sure that we stay a thriving and viable team. We’ll share more details on our plans with regards to variant additions to the F-4 later, but we remain steadfastly committed to ensuring that we are fair to our beloved community and supporters.

Q: Why does the announcement come so early?
A: We initially wanted to keep things a secret until we were just about ready to release, but the volume of interest and questions about the F-4 made that quite impossible! Hopefully you enjoyed the announcement trailer, even if short- stay tuned for our full unveiling closer to release day. We’re excited about you all being a part of the Phantom journey

Q: When will you share more?
A: As the development of the module continues, we will try to be as transparent as possible and include you as much as we can, sharing the different stages of the development as well as exploring this phabulous aircraft together with you all.

Q: What about the Eurofighter, the A-6E, F-14 and Viggen? Are you biting off too much?
A: The Heatblur team has never grown nor been more capable than it is today. The trust you put in us is absolutely sacred, and the announcement of the F-4 has no bearing on the steadfast commitment to continued progress on existing and other future modules. The F-4 has been under active development since early 2021, and our roadmap, including the Eurofighter and other future modules was created in this context.

With an ever expanding portfolio, it is important for us to ensure that we will not let up on maintaining our high standards for all of our modules, released or yet to be released. Ad astra per aspera, upwards and onwards, with our partners at Eagle Dynamics we plan to continue on pushing boundaries as long as we stand and could not be more excited about both present and future.


Altro gran modulo, li prenderò tutti e due (anche e soprattutto il navale), con HB c’è certezza della qualità. Adesso ci vorrebbe che iniziassero anche loro a fare Warbirds…

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non sono un amante dei tubi da stufa ma wuesto è spettacolare!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Perchè non hai provato il 14…
Ci sono dei Tubi da Stufa Old School che meritano, MiG-15 vs il Sabre per esempio regala dogfight forse più emozionanti (perlomeno al pari) di quelli WWII. L’F-5 o il MiG-21 con quel sapore retrò lo stesso…
E il 14…volato sia in singolo che con un RIO umano, è veramente un gioia per gli occhi.
Ripeto se HB si mettesse a fare Warbirds saremmo a cavallo!

grazie ne parlavamo giusto velocemente ieri. Sto DCS non finisce mai di stupire.


Maledetti!! la scimmia m’è salita all’improvviso e ieri ho comprato il Tomcat.
ora mi tocca attendere anche il Phantom, dai dai non vedo l’ora.
tocca rimettermi a studiare :slight_smile:


Bravo…una pattuglia di “4 gatti” è uno spettacolo da volare e da vedere (movie movie movie…)

Bravo Bug… Benvenuto! ti attendiamo per un volo! :partying_face:


Uno dei migliori velivoli da caccia che le Forze Aeree USA abbiano mai avuto. Nato come cacciabombardiere si rivelo’ subito un ottimo intercettore. Nella 7 flotta era inbarcato sulla Forestall . Il navigatore faceva da guidacaccia. Noi bassissimi sul mare per attaccare la portaerei li vedevamo impostare la curva di caccia di fronte a noi per venirci in coda. Era dura… ma e’ cosi’ che si impara a volare


Vengo a fare il rompiballe, ma vi ricordo che questo è uno squadron WWII :smiling_imp:

Ah non ha a che fare col post di voss, perché wuando esce me lo prendo anche io il phantom, ma intanto…ricordo che facciamo altro :joy:

e dai che piace pure a te :slight_smile:

Magari ci danno un Avenger o un Dauntless e facciamo multicrew li :joy: